Every creative voice struggling to be heard…

holds on to a fading glimmer.

~A Fading Glimmer~

“I’m not exactly sure when it began, but at some point as I lay squinting through the kaleidoscope of scraped knees, birthday parties, pet gerbils, sleep-overs, and a thousand other similar, seemingly inconsequential events, the beach began to wither. Ever so slightly at first, inch by inch, like the creeping shadowy cartoon figures cast onto the pavement by some 200 year-old oak — I hardly took notice of the shrinking sand as the morning of my son’s youth waned.”

“A Fading Glimmer and the Faraway Seas of the Plastic Pirates” A. Galle, Jr © 2014


Not long ago, after finding myself in a somewhat sentimental/reflective mood at the sight of my 14 year-old son, now taller than me and SHAVING, I felt an urge to put some thoughts to paper — well, maybe not “paper” but to written word anyway. After scouring the web for several days hoping to find a site where I might possibly share these feelings with similarly minded people, I discovered there really wasn’t one.

Oh if I wanted some spirited parental discussions and insight on picking out a name for my new baby, activities to do with my toddler, what NOT to let my tween watch on television, or picking out the purrrfect kitty for my 5 year-old, etc., there were certainly no shortages of outlets there; however, for a bit more cerebral thoughts as relating to parenting and life in general–well, there just wasn’t that much out there.

This site exists for the sole purpose of providing a free, unrestricted forum, where anyone may share their creative writing and thoughts as they relate to parenting, relationships, life, death or any other subject which the writer might feel compelled. Users are invited to comment, critique and discuss their fellow poster’s work and thoughts as well.


None really.  Anybody can read/comment/reply to posts, but, be sure to register HERE to be able to submit your own work (it is free, easy and I promise you that you will not get any SPAM) Choose a category that fits and post your thoughts and writings. Any subject is acceptable. Read, comment and discuss other poster’s work as well. Any posted work is open to comments, both good and bad, by other readers. If you are really brave and explicitly want to have your worked critiqued and rated by your peers; choose the category RATE MY WORK.



Sometimes true feelings reflect bad words; ugly, and controversial thought. This is a board by adults, for adults, whereas the free and open expression of whatever is on your mind is encouraged. That having been said, pornography, hate speech, or personal attacks that have been created and posted with no other purpose than to entice, enrage or anger (as deemed by ME!) will be removed.  Commercial posting and spam will also be removed. There are plenty of sites on the web for all that — this will not be one of them.

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  3 comments for “~A Fading Glimmer~

  1. August 13, 2014 at 12:26 am

    I have already written a travel book (travellers in time-co-published) some years ago and, having travelled quite widely, am putting together a travel book (?). Also, I have many hours of memoirs (towards published book? /blogging or…. I am seeking someone to read some of my work with a view to exchanging ideas, material and possibly attending writer’s forums etc. etc.
    Where to now?
    Awaiting your reply/advice etc.
    George Gunton

    • anthony185
      August 14, 2014 at 11:33 am

      Hmm, I don’t know about that one George. I’d have to think about it, or know more.

    • Jen
      August 16, 2014 at 9:40 pm

      George, there is a site called OnLineBookClub dot org. It is primarily for book and reading discussions, but it also includes discussions on writing topics. Also, I believe if you become a member of LinkedIn, you can join discussion groups in your areas of interest and also receive articles in your areas of interest.

      About having someone read your entire book and give feedback, you are right that’s a super important step. But it seems like a big commitment to try to do via an online forum.

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